001 Importance of quizzes

Conducting tests and quizzes in today’s modern times is extremely important as not only it helps develop IQ (Intelligence Quotient), but also helps us increase our knowledge, improve our learning, find knowledge gaps, and much more. In today’s times, through the help of technology, one can easily conduct tests and quizzes through the comfort of their home. 

Why Conducting Tests and Quizzes is Important?

Conducting tests and quizzes is very important as it comes with great benefits which can help up later in the future. According to Psychological experts, “Henry Roediger, Adam L Putnam, and Megan A. Sumeracki”, tests and quizzes can offer immense benefits when applied as an educational practice. The psychological experts explained that through tests and quizzes, we can retain knowledge for a long time which is very important when it comes to business.

An article published in the journal, “Psychology of Learning and Motivation” tells us a lot about the benefits of testing and taking quizzes. Some of them are mentioned below:

Identification of Gaps

Sometimes, a lot of things are there that don’t exist in our knowledge, for example, employees lack the capabilities that the company requires. In such cases, conducting tests becomes an excellent option, as it helps us identify the gaps we hold in knowledge. It helps them learn the facts and figures they don’t know and can help them allocate time for studying more about it in the future.

Improves Transfer of Knowledge

Through conducting tests and quizzes, students or employees are easily able to transfer knowledge as it becomes less forgetful. For example, in an article published in the journal of “Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition,” an experiment was conducted in 2010 with students repeatedly being tested regarding birds and their belonging families. As per the study, those who were repeatedly tested performed better than those who repeatedly studied. This indicates that tests and quizzes can help transfer knowledge with ease.

Enhanced Learning

Students can enhance their learning if repeatedly tested, which can be done by repeatedly studying the same subject they would be tested for. For example, they are required to learn a presentation regarding food chains. If they were repeatedly tested about it, then they would restudy the same subject, which will cause them to learn it even more than they did before.

Offers Feedback

Testing and quizzing cannot only help a student, or an employee know their knowledge gaps but can also let the instructor or an organization also knows in which areas are the individual lacking. That way, they can mentor or give training to help the individuals reduce their weaknesses and become more knowledgeable.

Retention for Information Retention of information means that the person can store learned information for a longer period. According to psychological experts, it has been tested and proven that conducting tests and quizzes on a repeated basis, can help individuals store information in their brain for a longer term. This would help individuals being continuously tested become more knowledgeable.

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