002 Advantages of quizzes

Assessment is a crucial factor in improving the overall standard of higher education teaching and learning. What or how learners learn relies to a considerable degree on how they perceive they will be evaluated. All tests lead to a certain amount of student learning, but encouraging the correct learning form is a fundamental challenge, primarily for retaining knowledge. It is also critical that assessment methods are aimed to offer students the right signals regarding what they need to learn and how they must learn to shape the efficacy of student learning.

Well-designed assessments set clear standards that create a realistic workload and provide students with opportunities to learn, rehearse, practise and receive input on their own. However, when incorrectly planned, our students could face a significant hindrance to thinking and learning. Evaluations should provide feedback on their success to students and help them determine their readiness to advance to the next stage of the module.

Using online assessments will allow you to quickly produce evaluations for each subject while also allowing students to take the assessments at their convenience. Online evaluations often offer learners the ability to engage and share during online conversations, reflection sessions, self-and-peer analysis, and group work with their peers. These tests provide students with a comprehensive learning record/portfolio that they can use to highlight their accomplishments as they graduate from a mode of formal education, whether it be college or university.

Such benefits of using online tests include: (a) Simple identification of areas of confusion and misconceptions among learners (b) The flexibility that enables students from anywhere and at any time to take a test (c) Offering new interactivity opportunities (d) Providing comprehensive and instant reviews (e) Facilitating better social partnerships (f) Facilitating the exposure of specialized abilities and skills (g) Increasing precision for grading (h) Providing learners with repeated chances to practice understanding as online quizzes or activities can be repeated many times (i) Storing and reusing tests (j) shuffling and randomizing assessment questions and options.


Engage the audience: Engage with your audience uniquely and entertainingly and bind them to your brand or learning materials. By producing a return event, you can increase customer loyalty.

The significant number: Taking online quizzes provides an opportunity for many people to participate. It could be up to 1000 participants (and maybe more!). It doesn’t matter where they take the online quiz as long as they’re linked to the internet.

Randomizing problems: It’s much easier to randomize your question with just one click than to do everything manually. Randomizing questions and answering specific questions is not a great deal of work to do with online quizzes. In terms of saving time, it also helps stop learners from cheating.

Quiz results/gain insight into the audience: Another advantage of online quizzes is to get instant answers from your participants. Not only will the creator get the results, but it is also feasible for the participant to have the outcomes. It provides an opportunity for the developer to find information gaps readily. Participants can see the kind of segment they need to better themselves, and there is always something more to learn.

No teacher is required: Quizzes can be issued without even a teacher who saves time and money.

Set your timer: The developer can set the timer over the whole quiz or set a timer for each question. It’s possible to do this with written quizzes, but it is time-consuming for the teacher. And as well as, it’s almost difficult to do with a large number of participants.

Improved summary: You can show one question at a time with online quizzes. People can’t miss a question, because you’re going to get a warning that you can’t leave the answer blank.Improving the brand: There are many ways to enhance brand awareness: (a) Develop new digital sales opportunities (b) Build traffic on your online platforms (c) Boost on-site time and enhance social media sharing about your campaign and brand.

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