004 Self-assessment and career choices

Are you at the crossroads of your life, struggling to find the right path in your life? Is there a great deal of confusion and no clarity about what profession you need to engage in? While it is a great idea to look for some professional assistance at this point, the most crucial thing to do is making a self-assessment. The career coach at the study destination insists on assessing your weaknesses and strengths on your own before approaching some counsellor. Why? Because there are a variety of benefits that the method of self-assessment offers. We, as pupils, typically underestimate the value of this particular strategy which could be extremely rewarding.

Benefits of self-assessment: It will help you in analyzing your weaknesses and strengths. Even more, you get to know your interests and personality characteristics. You understand the style of your working and workplace preferences. It will help you think rationally. You get to know areas of your likelihood and strength of development in that specific area. The very best thing about self-reflection is you do not just produce but also begin communicating your vision concerning what you wish to achieve in the daily life of yours. You tend to create a reasonable assessment of setbacks and difficulties you will have to face due to the job moves. To model, it might be that your study area’s choice demands a great deal of money, or maybe it calls for you to move too far off locations to enter the very best universities/schools. The second you begin getting your answers, you tend to get a great deal of clarity. With quality comes willpower and determination to achieve the goals of yours in life. What you achieve with personal reflection cannot be attained even by seeking expert consultation. Nevertheless, the most fruitful combination is that of self-reflection along with consultation from specialists in the industry.

Self-assessment steps: To be able to evaluate the true potential of yours, you have to look for answers to questions provided in a sequence below:

Aspects of your interests: What aspects of study/work excite you probably the most? What subjects/fields of work bring the greatest satisfaction in your life? Do you get weary of doing something for an extended time? Can there be any aspect of work you never get weary of doing? Will there be any particular tasks you look forward to doing again and once again? What colour of the job are you comfortable doing? Do you love to be inside or perhaps outdoors nearly all of the moment? Shortlist the research selections on the foundation of the answers of yours and move to the next step.

Assess yourself: This level deals with a self-evaluation to determine whether your interest aspects coincide with your strengths, or else you will have to return to step one and repeat the process.

Career coach special tip: The areas of interest must fit your areas of power if you wish to attain an acme in the line of work. For your full evaluation, you have to look for answers to the following questions:

What things are you great at performing? Are there are some abilities you have learned in the life of yours as much? What are the weaknesses of yours, and is it possible to work on them? Will your weaknesses be visible in the selected aspects of your job? Work at possibly making weaknesses the strengths of yours or perhaps picking out a profession exactly where they will have no interference. Final word. Understand that you will never be suited for every kind of job, and you should not even try to fit in. For example, if you are not an effective communicator, it is recommended not to think of a career in advertising or law seriously.

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