012 Tests for thinking

When it comes to the thought development process, a human’s brain becomes the best thinking tool. A human’s brain performs various types of thinking processes that help in vast areas of life. However, several tests are there that help humans sharpen various types of thinking skills. The most common ones are analytical, creative, critical, concrete, and abstract thinking. Below are mentioned the different kinds of tests we use to sharpen the thinking process.

Analytical Reasoning Tests: An analytical thinker thinks logically. He would convert a large piece of information into smaller parts and then process it in a step-by-step manner. To sharpen analytical thinking, analytical reasoning tests are conducted, which include:

  • Inductive Reasoning: A test that assesses your ability to see patterns along with consistencies, offering a person to work flexibly with unfamiliar or new information and find respective solutions with ease.
  • Verbal Reasoning: A test that assesses your ability to work logically and understand things through different problems and concepts, all expressed in words.
  • Non-verbal Reasoning: A test that assesses your raw abilities by analyzing visual understanding and problem-solving skills instead of your learned skills (language).

Critical Thinking Tests: A critical thinker is a person who analyzes a problem based on judgment and evaluation. He is an active learner and finds a solution based on facts. To develop critical thinking among individuals, a very famous test called “The Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test (W-GCTA)” is conducted and has been in development for about 85 years.

  • W-GCTA: An assessment test consisting of arguments, problems, interpretations, and statements that help assess a person’s cognitive abilities.

Creative Thinking Tests: A creative/divergent thinker is a person that thinks outside the box. He is the one that comes up with many solutions to the problem, accepts change, and comes up with great ideas, leading towards innovation. The most famous tests for developing critical thinking include:

  • Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking: A test to check how a person transforms an incomplete figure offered to them, such as an incomplete drawing on paper. 
  • Guilford’s test of Divergent Thinking: A test to identify how a person can come with various alternatives of one product or object (paperclip, pen, board, etc.) based on four components: flexibility, fluency, elaboration, and originality. 

Concrete Thinking Tests: A concrete thinker is a person that develops certain ideas and solutions by observing his surroundings. He heavily relies on the physical world. They are people who can comprehend, follow instructions, and plan in detail. A famous test to develop concrete thinking is “Concreteness training (CNT).”

  • Concreteness training: An ability to practice cognitive skills through tests to develop such behaviours and habits that help change their way of thinking. It also cures depression.

Abstract Thinking Tests: Abstract thinking is the opposite of concrete thinking. Abstract thinkers don’t think based on observing the physical world, but rather think about those things that aren’t there, e.g. thinking about improving life, gaining freedom, earning respect, etc.

Abstract Reasoning Test: An ability to identify patterns, shapes, objects, and illustrations without the need for numerical or verbal reasoning. Puzzles are also provided to candidates to solve to improve abstract thinking.

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