016 Online learning or traditional classroom?

Many experts have compared and argued about the benefits of online learning and traditional classrooms over the years. While both share certain advantages and disadvantages, the COVID pandemic has raised the concern that the world might need to adapt to the online learning technique. Let us discuss both methods in detail and try to determine which benefits the students the most.

Social Interaction: The first thing that needs to be discussed when talking about online learning or traditional classroom technique is social interaction. Humans tend to be social animals, and they survive without it for long. With that being said, online classes do share social interaction but only online. Social interaction is also one of the major concerns of the students while enrolling for a particular course. They will prefer one-on-one interaction with their peers, especially with the instructor. While online classes have become very easy to be conducted online, the social interaction factor is also touched as students can talk to each other anywhere at any time. Furthermore, they can take online classes with minimal distractions as well. 

On the other hand, the traditional classroom method is great for those who prefer face-to-face communication. It allows the students to engage directly with their classmates and instructors. As a result, the students can engage in detailed discussions, ask several questions and leave with relatively better-understood concepts. This overtakes what the students learn through online learning. 

Flexibility: Since you do not have to be physically present at a location where classes take place, online learning tends to be more flexible than attending physical classes. This means that while you are attending online classes, you can tend to your newborn, look after the house, and carry out certain daily chores as well. This is quite helpful for those stuck with their family and needs flexible timings to learn and look after other commitments. 

On the other hand, the traditional classroom method is for those who are not busy with other commitments. However, even if they are, almost every university has evening courses scheduled to accommodate working students. The only challenge that remains is the distance between the student’s home and workplace. 

Budget: When it comes to the budget, online classes tend to be very affordable and inexpensive compared to traditional classes. It is estimated that a degree via the traditional classroom method might cost around $85,000 on average, whereas the same course, when taught online, can cost around $30,000, which is a tremendous difference. Although traditional education tends to be relatively expensive, experts claim that online learning cannot offer the same advantages and learning experience. Hence, the difference is justified. 

Final Word: In conclusion, one cannot deny that the traditional classroom method offers a better learning experience, but the world needs to adapt to online learning techniques. However, at the moment, online learning is something that the world is finding more suitable considering the pandemic and lack of accessibility to different resources.

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