020 Online school and mental health

Online education is all about virtual learning. All the lectures you attend and the courses you registered for are managed online. Although online classes are quite convenient, there are some downsides to online learning, as it affects not only children but also teachers, parents, staff members, young adults, and professors too. Online school is a virtual attendance of classes, bringing a huge change in mood, emotions, and mental health. It might even cause stress and depression. 

Below are some ways the online school can be bad for your mental health.

Isolation: When children and young adults visit school, they meet their friends, staff, teachers, and professors. There is a game period, break where people would go and have lunch together. However, when you study at home, you feel isolated. School offers the youth an opportunity to connect with their peers, be socially active, and participate in curriculum activities, which are good for your mental health but sadly, it’s the opposite in virtual learning, causing a person to go under self-isolation.

Eye Problems: Watching a computer, laptop, phone, or tablet may cause a lot of eye problems. When our eyes are pointed towards the screen, the lights on the screen affect our eyes, causing eye strain. As per the study, from 16-49 million suffer from “dry eye syndrome” in America only. The syndrome results from eyes getting dry and unable to develop a tear. This condition has occurred in many individuals who work on computers, and it might cause youth to suffer as well.

Fatigue: Online schooling is often boring and is draining a lot of energy for the teachers and students. The information is so vast. There is no such break to lighten up the mood that it becomes hard for people to process all the information being provided on their screens. This pressure to gaining too much information causes fatigue. This can result in students disliking the lectures and getting bad grades. This can also result in students who are not able to learn and understand the lectures correctly due to being bored, exhausted, and mentally drained. 

The Good Side: Although there might be some problems people face while attending an online lecture, the online school also benefits. 

Family Time: Teachers, especially mothers, when they are a part of professional life, cannot spend more time with children. Online schooling can help them be closer to their children and keep an eye on them. Similarly, if there is something the youth can’t understand in the lecture, an older person from their home can help them in the spot since they would be at home rather than a school.

Better Attendance: Often, at times, the youth misses their lectures due to some sickness or personal matters. However, when school comes home, they don’t have to miss a class anymore, as now, they can attend classes from the comfort of their home.

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