021 The art of healing

“The soul always knows how to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.” — Caroline Myss

In this world, we all are born different, unique, and special. Each one of us possesses unique capabilities and skills. However, we all must deal with some hardships in our life which will either break us or make us the better version of ourselves. Each one of us possesses a special life force that always gives us signals in the form of intuitions, telling us what it wants to heal itself but it’s on us to know-how. So, what’s the art of healing in your life? Let’s find out below. 

The Inner Voices: In our minds, there are inner voices that are quite depressing. They confuse us, giving us doubts about taking a certain decision in our life, making us feel frightened, scared, terrified of the future outcomes. If we make a mistake in our life, these inner voices haunt us. They keep telling us that we are not enough, that we won’t survive in this world anymore because we aren’t good enough. So firstly, we need to ignore these negative inner voices to avoid being depressed in life.

Love Yourself: All those negative things the bad inner voices tell us about ourselves aren’t true. And I believe this is where we need to change ourselves, by avoiding and ignoring the negative inner voices in our head and learning to love ourselves. Why? Because love is a powerful emotion that can heal you tremendously. So why waste that emotion on someone unworthy? Why not use it on ourselves instead?

“Love yourself and you can heal your life” — Louise Hay

Look at yourself in the mirror and compliment yourself every day. Tell yourself that look how far you come? Treat yourself, make your source of happiness.

Think Positive about Life

“If you want to heal your heart wounds, start healing your thoughts.” — Alexandra Vasiliu

There are always two perspectives on life, “negative, and positive.” People with a negative perspective always think of negative thoughts such as they aren’t good enough, they are unworthy of love, and much more. But those who think positively always have a spark of hope within themselves that helps them to continue moving forward. 

For example, an artist will look at a tree and will value its beauty, will compliment it, and will be inspired by the colors of the leaves on its branches, leading him to automatically think positive. On the other hand, a scientist will look at the same tree, but will try to find weak points, bugs, pesticides, and will have a negative perception. It’s the same tree, but different perspectives.

Let Go of your Past: Finally, let go of your past. If you continue to live within your past, you’ll never be able to make progress. If you made a mistake in your past or lost someone you loved, then it’s okay, the past is in the past, it’s no more. Focus on improving your future instead and don’t look back ever again.

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