022 The right criticism

Criticism is not always a bad thing. The right kind of criticism can help you improve yourself, enhance your capabilities, avoid mistakes at the workplace and become a better version of yourself. Therefore, understanding the psychology of facing criticism is important, as it can help you not only deal with negative reviews but also receive positive feedback.

Understand This: No matter whatever we do, how much we try to prove ourselves to the world or our loved ones, there will always be some criticism coming our way. One of the biggest examples is public figures, celebrities, and now influencers who regardless of continuously trying to show themselves perfect, would still be judged and criticized. This can sometimes be very traumatizing, depressing, making us think we aren’t good enough. But that’s not true, which is exactly why we need to learn the art of dealing with criticism and converting it into something positive instead. So that criticism doesn’t depress us, but rather improve us to become a better person. 

So how to develop this art? Let’s find out below. 

Listen Carefully to The Critics, and See Their Intentions: No one is perfect, we all have the flaws that we need to accept. Sometimes, the person offering criticism not always has a bad intention. They might tell you your mistakes, so that, you can improve them. For example, it’s cold outside, and your mother criticizes you for wearing thin clothes. This does not mean your mother hates you, but it means she is concerned for your wellbeing and does not want you to get sick. 

Is the Feedback Destructive or Constructive? Try on identifying whether the feedback you are getting is either constructive or destructive. Constructive feedbacks are useful comments, that change our poor behaviors, and help us improve whereas destructive is the one that hurts our feelings. Try to understand where’s the feedback coming from. And whether will it help you improve or is it just to hurt you? 

Avoid Behaving Angrily Towards Those Offering Constructive Criticism: People the offer constructive criticism are always those that want to see you grow and succeed. They usually don’t have bad intentions. Whenever they pinpoint you, don’t say something negative in anger to them that might become a problem in the future. Instead, thank them for pinpointing your mistakes and helping you learn more. This will help you have better relationships with them and make them your friends.

Avoid Narcissist and Toxic People: Narcissists are usually very selfish. They would only cherish themselves and if they find you better than them? They will pinpoint your mistakes and will criticize you. Similarly, a toxic person will not only criticize you but also those around you since they are famous for spreading negativity. Try to avoid comments of such people, and simply ignore them. They do bad so karma will hit them don’t worry. But remember to do good because when you do good, good then comes back to you.

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