023 Mentoring or coaching?

A person in every field of life whether if it’s student life or professional life, requires guidance to move forward. In a business sector, employees require different varieties of effective training to not only benefit themselves but also the company in which they are working. Through the help of proper training, their capabilities, attitudes, creativity, and workforce enhance, giving them a chance to advance and flourish. 

However, such training requires proper mentoring or coaching to be effective, but the question is, which of these is better? 

What’s a Career/Business Mentor? A career, or a business mentor, is a person who offers his/her guidance based on the experience he/she attained by being on the same path as you are currently on. The mentors advise, support, and guide you in the best way they can. They are experienced people, who listen to you, understand the challenges you are facing, and then advise you based on their personal experiences that helped them grow and succeed.

The benefits of having a mentor include guidance, exposure to some new perspectives, confidence, communication skills, understanding of current problems, and coming up with solutions.

What’s a Career/Business Coach? A career or a business coach is a person who trains you in specific areas of your life, that requires some improvements such as personal skills, presentation skills, etc. They identify the areas within you, that require improvements, set up goals, and break them down into smaller ones for you to achieve them one by one. Coaches help you develop your skills, train your brain, and make you a better version of yourself. 

The benefits of having a coach include goal setting, goal achieving, skills development, improved brain functioning, and developing expertise in the required areas of life.

What’s the Difference? Although both mentoring and coaching help develops a person, there are a few differences which are mentioned here below:

  • A mentor is someone who would be with you for the longer term, whereas, coaching is a short-term procedure only to develop and improve your skills.
  • Coaching is more objective and goal-oriented whereas, mentoring is not.
  • In coaching, you will be trained, and your skills will be uplifted whereas, mentors would guide you and advise rather than proper skill development training.
  • Mentors will listen to you, understand you and share their personal experiences with you. Coaches on the other hand won’t do that since they don’t have that experience that a mentor has. They are only there to train you in a specific skill.
  • Coaching is evaluative. Coaches will evaluate you based on your performance changes by conducting tests. Mentors on other hand are non-evaluative.

Which one is better for your Business? It depends upon what the circumstances are. For example, if your business is looking for improving employee’s performance, knowledge, diversity, attitude, and culture, then mentoring would be the best option. However, if you want to sharpen a specific skill regarding your employees, or develop their expertise in a specific area, then go for coaching.

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