025 Friends in business

Ever heard of “two heads are better than one?” Well, you see, solving problems becomes far easier when two or more people cooperate. With more people on board, you get better advice, guidance, and future growth. Therefore, when it comes to starting your business, get some friends on board. Friends are extremely helpful in every aspect of life. According to Steve Harvey, “you can live without a family, but you cannot live without a friend.” However, choosing the right kind of friends is extremely important to help you succeed in your business. There are many ways you can find the right kind of friend circle to help you in your business. Some of them are mentioned below: 

Attend Business Events: One of the great ways of getting yourself some business partners is by attending business-related events. Business events are often shared on social platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook. People are either given open invitations or are told to purchase a ticket or membership to attend such events. Business events hold conferences, speeches of successful people who share their life stories, and new startups promoting their own business. A person not only can find a friend here but can also learn a lot.

Join a Group Online: Social platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook offer an option of creating or joining groups that are only designed based on a specific topic to gather all interested in the same thing. For example, I wanted to learn about e-commerce, so I joined a group on Facebook, where I made plenty of friends having the same interest. I also learned a lot about e-commerce and even attended one of its related events as well.

Start Getting Registered on Websites: There are many websites available online that help entrepreneurs or people with a business idea find themselves a match. This is a technology era, so almost everything can be possible. Some famous websites include:

  • CoFoundersLab: It’s like a matchmaker, finding you the right kind of match in the form of a business partner or a friend.
  • Stealth.li: This place helps you look for the right kind of skills you are looking for in your business partner or a friend. It also helps you discuss ideas with each other.
  • TechCoFounder: This place helps you find technical co-founders for your business. Here, you can also post an ad and recruit those you find best for your business startup.

Ask Around: There might be many people in your surroundings interested in doing business but hesitate to ask around or look for help. In such cases, what you can do is ask around if there is anyone interested in doing business with you. Ask your friend circle, your class from which you graduated, your institute’s alumni, your cousins, etc. If you are a job holder, consider asking your colleagues.

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