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Until you’ve achieved your dream score goal and sent your college applications out, SAT test prep is your topmost priority. Your Reading, Writing and Language, and Math sections (with and without the calculator) are all that you need to worry about.

However, you’ve got lots happening in life — school work, extracurricular activities, activities, family, friends, maybe even an afterschool job. So, where does learning for the SAT fit in?

There’s no question it’s essential always to spend time with family; however, you can’t neglect your schoolwork; after all, your GPA is as important too, if perhaps not more important than, your SAT score with regards to your undergrad admissions — but after these priorities, SAT test prep should be tops.

Test prep needs to be done sincerely — should come before activities, extracurricular activities, friends, parties, and all other things that fill up your day — TV, video gaming, or social media.

From the time you start learning, you need to continue until you obtain the rating you’re aiming to attain admission to the college of one’s choice quickly. So, work hard — the sooner you receive the score you require, the sooner SAT test prep is done and over with.

You would like to acclimatise yourself as to what it will be like on test day. It means studying with a timer, simulate an actual SAT test environment, and in a quiet, distraction-free room.

I suggest seeking away a location where other people (and pets!) won’t be. The main point is to locate a place where you won’t be disturbed.

It might seem, exactly what better place to study than my personal room, where I can close the entranceway and start to become alone. But your bedroom is full of the worst types of distractions — your TV, computer, sleep, and also your bookshelves.

Although it may help study in a group for things like your chemistry final or your next math quiz, SAT prep is a solo endeavour. And that includes ditching your phone.
Like CollegeBoard or Kaplan or Princeton, a test prep course will provide most of the supplemental material you’ll want to study over, so you don’t have to worry about picking your classmate’s brain.

Which brings me around to another huge distraction —your smartphone. You might need it on you, but change it off and put it away! The very last thing you will need while you’re studying is to hear the ping of notifications from Facebook, Instagram, and stuff like that, just begging you to take your eyes off SAT prep. Even simple things like putting your mobile phone in airplane mode while you give a SAT practice test at home.

Speaking of the time, discover to handle it well while you’re studying for the SAT.

If you’re taking practice tests, you’ll desire to time yourself the same way you’ll be timed on test day. Why? Because you’ll prepare yourself for the rigours of answering all those questions in three hours.

If you’re not focused on practice tests, it’s still beneficial to devote a specific timeframe to studying what’s included in the SAT syllabus. I recommend that you research for 50 mins simultaneously, then give yourself a 10-minute break.

Exactly like you would for sports or other extracurricular activities, set aside a particular time each day — ideally at the very least two hours — devoted to SAT testing prep. It’s okay if you skip a day or two to rest or focus on one thing else, but you should attempt sticking with this schedule just as much as possible. This consistency is likely to make your study time predictable and train the mind and body to be ready for this.

Of course, if it is impossible to enjoy a consistent study schedule for whatever explanation, that doesn’t mean you should forget about studying entirely. If this is the case, then try to fit in SAT prep whenever you can, just as much as feasible.

As we said earlier, it’ll be tough. Nevertheless, in the grand scheme of things, it’s merely a short amount of your life, plus it offers great rewards: a higher score, along with it, the institution of your dreams.

When it comes to SAT prep, you must equip yourself with tried-and-tested strategies which have aided a large number of students to improve their ratings.

All things considered, SAT prep isn’t just about academic knowledge; it’s additionally about learning the test itself, and it is also about speed of reading, calculation and thought. When you’re able to anticipate the traps built into questions and response choices, and precisely identify the types of responses the test makers are searching for, you’ll see your SAT points go up in significant numbers.

Besides the materials a test prep program provides, you’ll desire to study for the test with SAT training tests released by the university Board, and available on its web site. Taking real SATs is an excellent way to become ready for test time. You must be aware of all types of questions that have come in the actual SAT over the years. In my experience, take one practice test every week for two months, and then gauge where you stand. If you are good to go, register for the actual test.

Set a consistent schedule, and equip yourself with the necessities, and study someplace quiet and free of distractions. No more, no less. That’s all you have to complete to study well for the SAT and achieve the top score you’re aiming for. Wishing you good luck and happy studying!

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