036 The right mentor

Professional and personal development is something everyone would like to achieve. However, it cannot be developed on its own but rather requires a mentor to guide us and help us build a better version of ourselves. Whether you are a student or a job holder, mentors are valuable at any stage of your life.

Being a student or someone who just entered professional life, you would usually hear people talking about hiring a mentor to help develop their skills. But the main question that comes to mind is, what type of mentor is the right one for you? 

What’s a Mentor?

A mentor is that person, who helps a mentee thrive in their career. They guide, support, and offer feedback to help mentees become the better version of themselves. As per Brad Finkeldei, a muse career coach, a mentor is usually the one that has gone down the same path you are on, advising you about all those things that worked for them in their life. A mentor is someone like a friend, you would always need, especially when you need advice.

Just like we all need a friend guiding us on where should we get our next apartment? Like a mother or sister on how should we cook your food? Like a father telling us how we should spend and save our money? Like a brother teaching us how to repair and maintain our vehicle? It’s just like that. A mentor is like that friend or like a family member guiding you on how to successfully land on your first interview, develop confidence, communicate appropriately, and much more. 

Which Mentor Is the Right One for You? 

A mentor can be a co-worker, a colleague, a teacher, or anyone related to the same path as you are currently on. A good mentor is always the one who guides a mentee in a supportive and friendly way. A mentor is someone who would always put their mentee’s interests in mind and guide accordingly.

If you are looking for the right kind of mentor for you? Consider these things in your mind: 

  • What kind of career do you want to pursue? 
  • How far you want to progress in your career? And what are the things you should learn to get there? 
  • Will the person you want as a mentor be able to guide you towards building your professional goals? 
  • Is the mentor someone who crossed the same road you are currently on?
  • Is the mentor supportive, inspiring, and communicative?

Kindly do not do the following: 

  • Do not ask your colleagues or your senior’s stupid questions like, “Will you be my mentor?” 
  • Do not go for someone less knowledgeable or a narcissist.
  • Do not go for someone who isn’t happy in his career.

A mentor who isn’t on the same path as you should be avoided as it will be a waste of your time.

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