037 A social media primer

When you’re looking to start creating a social media strategy, it might be daunting. You know you need social media analysis tools, yet you do not really know where to begin.

To aid you out, we’ve written a guide to what you need to know regarding social media tools.

The New Social Workflow

To learn what tools are needed for an effective social media campaign, you need to examine the process. It is beneficial to look at social media management as a chain of 4 distinct steps:

• Development of content. You have to keep coming up with a constant flow of fresh ideas. After that, you have to sit down, arrange these ideas and build content. It could include social media posts, videos, infographics, and much more.

• Publishing material. If your content is made, it needs to be made available to the public. Many tools enable the process to be automated. You have to take the time to determine whether to use strictly free platforms or whether to pay for additional visibility.

• Listening & Answer. Good content will unlock the gates to a discussion between your brand and its viewer. You have to be willing to listen to their reactions and communicate with them. Able to listen also means keeping up-to-date with the latest trends. It would help if you used them to build accurate and appropriate content.

• Evaluating and comparing content. The final move is to look more closely at your findings and then see what works what doesn’t work. If you don’t know if your strategies are working or not, you could spin your wheels.

Use a variety of tools

Effectively managing every phase in the social networking process involves a variety of tools. You have to be sure that they are working together, complementing their strengths and weaknesses.

Usually, there have been three types of media tools: listening platforms, publishing platforms, and competitive platforms for analysis. Individually, each tool focuses on social media from a different perspective. And, they will allow the brand to accomplish all of your social media and business goals.

Common Social Media and Networks Tools

• Blogs: Platform for informal discussion and debate on a particular subject or opinion.

• Facebook: the world’s most popular social network with even more than 1.55 billion active monthly users. Users develop a personal profile, add other members as friends, and exchange messages, like updates to the status. Brands create pages, and Facebook users can “like” brands’ pages.

• Twitter: a social networking/micro-blogging network which enables individuals and groups to stay linked by sharing short status updates (140 character limit).

• YouTube & Vimeo: video hosting and watching websites.

• Instagram: a free photo and video sharing application that allows users to add digital filters, frames and visual effects to their images and then post them through a range of social media websites.

• Snapchat: a mobile application that enables users to submit images and videos to friends or their “story.” Snaps vanish after viewing or after 24 hours. • LinkedIn Groups: a place where groups of professionals with common areas of interest can share information and engage in conversations.

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