042 Testing coding skills

Make sure you test your coding and programming skills properly.

Are you thinking of learning programming, but don’t know if you have the skills?

Unlike other jobs with the same profile where technical skills can be of several types or can fall into several categories, as a software developer the primary technical skill required is a good knowledge of a programming language or a combination of software knowledge with hardware.

Most of the time, the difference between a junior software developer and a senior is the experience of working with various programming languages:

  • How many years he/she has programmed
  • How often he/she has used that language
  • How he/she can use different technologies together
  • How much he/she learns on his account and keep up to date with what is new in the field

How to test your coding and programming skills

In order to correctly evaluate your chance to become a programmer, we divided the skills into two categories  skills that can help you become a programmer, and skills that help you in your activity as a programmer.

Who can become a programmer

In short, anyone! Maybe you are one of those who have not yet found its purpose, and the current job does not seem to bring you any long-term career prospects. Or maybe you are in a very volatile industry on the labour market, and you feel that a programmer’s skills could differentiate you. If the challenges and coding don’t scare you, it seems like a cool activity that you could learn and do, to transition to a career in IT. Whatever the reason for choosing the programming path, also read how you can do this without graduating from a college in the field. A stable career is not built overnight, so make sure you don’t skip essential steps that will affect you later. Everyone has to follow a somewhat similar path: education, a lot of exercise, continuous curiosity and multidisciplinary learning. So it would help if you contemplated through all of these questions to test your coding and programming skills before you start any major endeavour in this industry.

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