043 Coding gets better

Programming is of the most desired and critical skills today. The evolution of technology would not be possible without coders and programmers using their skills to test the reliability and durability of operating systems, software and apps. Therefore, if you are looking to make a career out of it for yourself, you need to improve continually. Let’s take a look at some tips to help you improve regularly.

Keep Learning via Various Means

The key to improving your programming skills lies in your ability and appetite to learn. Although many programmers and coders wish to learn as much as possible, sometimes their “Know it all attitude” stands in the way. It prevents them from updating themselves and as a result, lose the race. Therefore, if you want to be amongst the best out there, make sure that you grab as much knowledge and information as possible no matter how experienced you are. Not just learn, keep self-assessing too, via quizzes and tests, for example.

Stop Trying to Prove Yourself Right

When it comes to improving your coding skills, you might want to avoid repeating your experience all over again. We all have come across programmers that have 8-10 years of the same but repeating experience. It wastes time and does not leave any room for improvement. Good programmers are always looking for ways to make themselves better regardless of the experience. They will keep testing their skills and trying new techniques to fill the gaps left out while coding and programming.

You Don’t Stop When the Code Works

Most programmers stop once their code is running okay. It is the biggest mistake they usually make. Once the code is okay, the process does not end there. It needs to be improved. Therefore, as a programmer, you should work to make it simpler and more effective. So, keep challenging oneself as there will always be a better way of doing things.

Part of the problem that prevents good programmers from becoming great programmers is that they stop learning once they realize that their code is working. Ignoring the other part of the equation will always leave gaps for others to fill. Others will, then, get to learn from your mistakes.

Write It Three Times

Rockstar programmers know what it takes to make the code work correctly. You should know that there is a difference between writing code that works and that which works exceedingly well. To achieve that, great programmers write code at least three times before coming up with the final version. The first try is done to prove yourself while the second time makes it work. And the third time, you make it work right. It is why rockstar programmers usually throw the first and second versions away before showing the final code to anyone, but you do not see that. Developing this habit ensures that you will become a great programmer.

Final Word

No matter which programming language you are working on, coding requires constant Learning and improvement. To stand out in such a fast-paced and competitive world, you should always go the extra mile. With that being said, consider the tips mentioned to write the best software and work the best code every time you have a chance to improve and test yourself.

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