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052 Trends in edtech

Since the Covid 19 pandemic has changed the way we study, the Edtech industry had to adapt in 2020. There’s a lot more focus on distance learning, and at the same time, many educational tools are becoming vital in 2021 and beyond. Which does make you wonder, what trends can we expect for the Edtech this year? Let’s find out.

Video-assisted learning. Interaction is crucial for students, so having animated videos that showcase specific ideas can enrich the lessons. Not only that, but it makes them a lot more understandable. It boosts the student outcome while reducing the workload of a teacher. Plus, it adds another layer of complexity and charm to the lesson.

Blockchain-powered learning. You can use the blockchain technology for Massive Open Online Courses. It can be an excellent technology for verifying knowledge and skills. With help from the distributed ledger technology, you can lower Edtech solutions’ costs while removing scale and authentication issues. It even makes it easier for student applicants to publish any of their accomplishments.

Personalized content via big data. Nowadays, the learning experience needs to focus on personalization. There’s a lot of big data which pertains to learning at this time. Instructional designers must access this data and customize the student’s learning experience. They can use metrics like learner performance, enrollment and feedback to deliver an impressive set of results.

Gamification. Gamification is an essential factor in 2021 because many students become more involved thanks to this idea. They can learn and study while also being a part of the immersive game activity. It has a positive impact on the learning process. It can also bring a sense of competition between students as they try to accumulate as many points as possible. It is an excellent opportunity for students to get involved, and it can be used anywhere from K-12 to higher education or even in the world of corporate training.

Using social media for learning. Many educational institutes started using social media as a teaching tool. It’s a communication tool where students can interact with one another, discuss in a group and share study materials or comment on each other’s posts. It makes a lesson easier to share, and students can have easier access to the materials. So yes, social media can be used to share and collaborate, which brings a beautiful learning experience. There’s no denying that the Edtech world is evolving, and using these trends can give you the upper hand in any teaching environment. You can use various other solutions, like dedicated STEM programs, AI, AR and VR. All these Edtech options are becoming extremely relevant in 2021, and they will help push the learning experience to the next level for students all over the world. The pandemic also sped things up, and schools are continuing to adopt new technologies like these, which will lead to a great, Edtech-focussed future.

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