066 Quiz and brain development

The interaction behind quizzing works in all aspects for any individual who participates because it is a format that engages everyone to present a topic, as long as it can be placed in the context of some strategy — thus, it can have an impact on the brain.

The most relevant thing about quizzing is that it is engaging, for that is taken into account the behaviour of those involved to add a high level of culture and entertainment, which should be presented as questions are answered to classify the successes as interaction, obtaining the following benefits for the brain:

  • Develop a productive life. The search for solutions by making a previous preparation to respond assertively that is known as productivity.
  • Improves cognitive health. Defining and associating a concept is considered a direct contribution to cognitive health because it seeks to benefit from the test results.
  • Increases educational level. The concern for acquiring more knowledge causes the level of knowledge and culture to be higher in order to answer correctly.
  • Maintains and stimulates organization. The brain performance is stimulated in a positive way, knowing what and how to answer, that is to say, during that moment before answering.
  • Breaks the routine. Every interesting quiz helps draw the participant’s attention and keeps the brain in a state of alertness.
  • It elevates your emotional state. The physical and mental state is favourable by decreasing stress once the quizzing concentration is present.
  • It relaxes completely. Each participant, when learning something new, totally forgets about worries.
  • Exercises emotional awareness. The power of measuring the potential of each participant causes mental abilities to be improved.
  • Delays ageing. The work of solving problems generates ambition to achieve success, and that delays premature ageing.
  • Generates better social connections. The quality of emotional intelligence is benefited by the posture of solving unknowns in the right way.
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