067 Soft skills & learning

Learning has a direct connection with emotional intelligence. These are known as soft skills that allow raising the emotional skills, which is an ideal impulse to develop a better communication at a social level, emitting that towards all those around you.

The preparation of soft skills is a necessity in the modern world, especially to adapt to new ways, environments, and even to behave in work modalities, but this is acquired from an early age and does not come from traditional methods of learning, the most crucial for your development are the following:

  • Teamwork. It represents the work carried out with several people or as a group but can motivate and encourage participation.
  • Empathy. The ability to identify what the other person feels, known as empathy, to be in tune with what the other person feels.
  • Adaptation. The action of adapting works to develop an ability to accommodate or adjust to what is happening.
  • Conflict resolution. It is understood as a mediation skill used to reach an agreement until some objectives are met.
  • Communication. It is vital to the expression of ideas to form social and working relationships. Through this connection is that society is built and mobilized.
  • Tolerance. It is an ability focused on accepting the way of being and the ideas of others; it is a way to avoid conflicts and frustrations.
  • Creativity. It corresponds to a vision to create something through novelty and demonstrating interesting skills to solve needs.
  • Flexibility. The amplitude and adaptation to assume challenges, challenges, and positions.
  • Honesty. It is considered a quality to behave and communicate with coherence without losing sincerity.
  • Willingness. It is a power to be open to new challenges or to develop a passion for an activity.
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