About Us

We cater to young school students and help develop thinking and learning skills in a fun and gamified way. At Quizlrn /kwɪzləːn/, we firmly believe that the most effective, impactful, and memorable learning experiences go far beyond school academic textbooks, classrooms and lecture halls. Or the academic format of delivering education and learning. Studies have repeatedly shown that regular quizzing and testing dramatically increases an individual’s cognitive retention rate. In other words, regardless of how many hours are spent studying, listening to lectures, or reviewing textbooks, your brain is less likely to retain that information if it is not paired with a well-designed, metric-driven assessment. Simply put: Testing oneself drives learning, confidence and recall. Quizlrn delivers high-level quizzes and tests designed to support the learning and placement of students, hobbyists, and professionals alike, and we serve a global community for assessment-supported education.

Based in Mumbai, Quizlrn provides various quizzes, tests, and assessments designed to address a wide assortment of specialities, focuses, and disciplines within and adjacent to diverse subjects. Unlike other skills testing platforms, Quizlrn is not a video-based learning centre or online classroom – our commitment and mission focus solely on delivering quality testing services that support our clients’ growth, education, and professional placement. Quizlrn provides a variety of quizzes and assessments designed to improve retention, motivation and encourage further learning. Each quiz and test is carefully and expertly designed to deliver precise, quantitative results that accurately reflect an individual’s understanding of the topic. With multiple quizzes and tests available and hundreds more being developed regularly, Quizlrn helps you take your learning to the next level or what we call real-world skills development.