My name is Rajiv, and I believe in the necessity of practical learning from a young age. I believe that through knowledge and education, each of us has a unique opportunity to not only build a brighter future for ourselves but are also gifted with the chance to help create something incredible for the world in the simplest of ways.

Through education and learning, each of us has the power to achieve new personal goals, expand our understanding of the world we live in, or design products that help improve the lives of others. Education is one of the only things in this world that can never be taken away, and I created Quizlrn to implement testing, quiz and assessment services designed to enhance that learning experience for many age groups, primarily young school children. Despite all professional challenges and accomplishments, nothing has ever filled me with as much pride and satisfaction as my launching of Quizlrn, a quiz platform that is gamified and fun for younger minds. As the founder of Quizlrn /kwɪzləːn/, I am responsible for leading its vision, one brick at a time. And Quizlrn is more than my entrepreneurial spirit flying high — it is my commitment to the power of intelligent education and the service of others. Through thoughtful and mindful testing, individuals of any age have a better opportunity to learn, grow, and retain their skills.

Rajiv is an alumnus of IIT Roorkee and XLRI Jamshedpur. Happy to connect on LinkedIn.